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Commonwealth was looking for a lobby sign for their office and sent us an e-mail with their logo after finding our company online. They knew that they wanted an aluminum sign and the logo in either black or white. They already had an idea of how large they wanted the sign to be so all we had to do was determine the materials we were going to use. When it comes to aluminum, we have two main options. One is to use solid aluminum, and the second is Sibond. Sibond is a polycarbonate that is sandwiched between two sheets of brushed aluminum so the faces are brushed aluminum. It is a less expensive option, but the downside is that you can see the black polycarbonate layer from the side. We gave them a quote with both material options so they could compare. We also sent over photos of signs we made in the past with both Sibond and aluminum to help them make a decision. As you can see from the side photos, they ended up choosing the solid aluminum.

During proofing, we provided an option for the logo in black and white. The pricing was going to be the same so we decided to have them make a decision on the color when we could send them renderings. They ended up choosing the black vinyl. Black on brushed aluminum is a very popular combination for signage. The reason we used vinyl is because Commonwealth just wanted the logo to be a graphic. Standard vinyl colors like black or white are the same price so these details don’t need to be finalized until we’re in the proofing stage of the job.

The sign was installed with standoffs on each corner so it could be easily removed and relocated in the future if needed.