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There is an outdoor shopping center in Simi Valley, California that is home to several different businesses. The center has two entrances, one on Stearns St. and one on Los Angeles Ave. Like many shopping centers, they have two monument signs that are installed at each entrance. A monument sign is a sign that is mounted into the ground and is typically wider than it is tall. Monument signs can have many purposes, but they commonly display a business name or multiple business names. These signs in Simi Valley are multi-tenant monument signs because they list a few of the businesses that are tenants in this shopping center.

TOIBB Enterprises, the property owner, contacted us because one of the monument signs were damaged and they were looking for a sign company that could recreate the same sign. They were referred to us by one of our existing customers. The first step was to get photos of what the existing sign looked like. We use Google Maps Street View very frequently to look at locations for exterior signs or old signs. We also used the second sign that was not damaged as a reference for material and paint color.

The new sign we made is a double-sided illuminated multi-tenant monument sign. We re-did the footing and completely remade the sign aside from two of the existing sign faces that were not damaged. We were able to base the overall size of the sign on those sign faces. The sign is made primarily of aluminum and Tuf Glas. Tuf Glas is a very strong polycarbonate that we use frequently for larger sign faces. It is more shatter-proof compared to acrylic and comes inĀ  larger rolls to avoid having seams in the faces.

The city required a permit as it was a new exterior sign. Once the client who was the property owner signed off on the design, we applied for a sign permit. Once the permit was approved by the city, we were able to start production and install the sign to complete the job.