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Skydance Productions in Santa Monica found us online while they were looking for a custom sign manufacturer. They were looking for something very specific so they needed a custom sign company as opposed to purchasing pre-made signs. When it comes to interior signs, you can find generic ones online that already have a set size and color. However, if you want your signage to stand out, be unique, or match the rest of your interior decor, you need to find a sign manufacturing company that can make you custom signs.

The signs are made from 3/4″ thick green glass acrylic with white vinyl applied second surface. Second surface means that the vinyl was applied on the back-side of the acrylic. Green glass acrylic is not opaque, so we needed to apply the vinyl on the back so you wouldn’t see the VHB and silicone through the sign that we used to install the signs. The office numbers and lettering are made from 1/32″ thick tactile copy so they add more dimension to the sign, and those with visual impairments are able to feel the characters to read them.

Some of these signs were installed directly onto glass instead of a wall. Unless the glass is frosted, you can see the VHB and silicone used for mounting from the back. In order to avoid this, we plotted a white vinyl rectangle in the same size as the sign and applied it to the other side of the glass.

Their location has many different rooms with are offices so they needed about three dozen office number signs. Room identification signage is often overlooked, but without it, finding the right room can be close to impossible. Is your company looking for unique signage for the office? Give us a call today to get started on your custom signage.