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A couple of years ago we did multiple signs for Seven West DTLA, an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. The signs included interior signs and exterior window graphics. The room identification signs and mailbox tags were necessary for the interior, and the exterior window graphics helped advertise the apartment complex. “Now Leasing” signs are essential for apartment complexes, especially newer ones, to show that apartments are available. More recently, we made them oversize “Now Leasing” banners to hang from the top of the building that also displays the phone number and website.

As you can see from the photos, these banners can be seen from far away due to the fact that the building is multi-story, and the words “Now Leasing” can be seen very clearly. These banners are 40′ tall, and the largest ones are 10′ wide. For what Sevest West DTLA wanted to accomplish, banners were perfect. These are very large letters, and making them channel letters or dimensional letters would have been very not only very expensive, but the permitting and installation would have been much more difficult. Especially since they wanted to include images, banners were a good choice because the image can be printed very easily. We were also able to incorporate the logo and their colors to match the window graphics we had made for them prior.

Banners are great for many occasions including holidays, grand openings, seasonal sales, and more! If you are a business looking for some large format banners, give us a call today. We offer design services, permitting if needed, manufacturing, and installation for all types of businesses.