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Banners are typically a quick and easy way to get information out to the public. From “Grand Opening” banners to “Sale” banners, many sign companies are constantly printing banners for many different businesses and events. We do not typically print banners, however, we were producing signage for Seven West DTLA, a new apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles, and they were interested in getting oversize banners to advertise that they are now leasing. These are custom, made to order banners that require a crane for installation so they wanted a company with our expertise to handle the job.

The first step when creating a custom banner is determining the desired size. We made two 40′ x 10′ banners, and two 40′ x 5′ banners, 3 for each side of the building. The larger 10′ wide banners have two different designs that have high-resolution images showing examples of tenant life. These images are blown up a lot, so you need very high-quality images to avoid the photos from looking pixelated. In the original design, one side had the website, and the other side had the phone number, however, after reviewing the proofs, they decided that they had enough room to include both the website and the phone number on both sides.

The narrower 5′ wide banners facing the street do not have any images, just text. One read “NOW LEASING”, and the other has the phone number and website. Again, the original design only included the website but before the final approval, they decided to add the phone number as well.¬†Along with the window graphics we made for them a couple of years back, they are sure to appeal to many new tenants.

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