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If your business is located inside a large building, there are many opportunities for both outdoor and indoor signage. Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for an interior sign for their West Hills location and reached out to us as we had helped them out with some warehouse signs prior. The sign they wanted to get was pretty simple, they wanted “Portraits of Inspiration” in black letters to go in the hallway underneath some light fixtures.

The sign we made them is a dimensional letter sign. Dimensional letter signs are 3-dimensional as opposed to flat like vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is also very popular for wall signs, but a dimensional letter sign looks more high-end. Depth is something that is valued in signage. The least expensive signs are flat like vinyl and digital prints, while deep channel letters are more expensive. Dimensional letters are right in between. Our channel letters range from 3 1/2″ to 5″ deep and our dimensional letters can be anywhere from 1/8″ to 1″ deep. Channel letters are usually chosen not only for their depth but because they can be internally illuminated. If you don’t care about the sign lighting up at night and don’t need the letters to be thicker than 1″, a dimensional letter sign will work just fine. You can also add external illumination as Thermo Fisher Scientific did with this hallway sign.

The black lettering and the font we used is very minimal so it looks great with the neutral interior wall. Are you interested in getting an interior dimensional letter sign for your business? Our signs are completely customizable in regard to size, font, colors, and finishes so we can create logo signs or letter signs that will look great with your interior.