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There are many forms of exterior signage and you are not limited to just one depending on the layout of your building. Child Development Institute in Reseda put up two building signs, letters for an existing wall, and address numbers. They wanted the name of the company above the main entrance on the wall, but they also wanted to display the logo so the logo was installed on the metal fence underneath the roof cover.

In front of the building, there was an existing stone wall that they thought would be a great place to put more signage. Here, they had space to install both the name and logo. Many existing buildings will already have a monument sign that you can display your information on, but in this case the short wall worked perfectly. A monument sign is a sign that is mounted into the ground. They can be illuminated, non-illuminated, have a space to switch out information, or just be a concrete block. The great thing about monument signs is that if it is already there, you do not need to pull a permit to change the information on it. The building signs, however, did need to be permitted because they are considered new signs.

The final sign we made was an address number sign. Address number signs are very important to help people find your location, and to just help the general public know where they are.

All of the signs were acrylic dimensional letter signs. We used 1/2″ black acrylic and custom painted the colors for the logo and the address numbers. Acrylic is very versatile and great for outdoor signs because they can be painted any color and routed to any letter or shape that you want.

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