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ADA compliant evacuation map signs ADA compliant evacuation map signs Brella in Playa Vista is a preschool and infant care center for the modern parent. With the ability to design your own schedule and pay by the hour, child care has never been easier. They even have a mobile app that allows you to manage your schedule and pick-ups.

Like all public buildings, Brella was in need of ADA compliant signage. We were hired through Warner Constructors, a construction company, and a long-time customer of ours who was on the project. The signage consisted of room identification signs, exit signs, ISA symbol signs, restroom signs, maximum occupancy signs, and evacuation map signs. You can see the evacuation map signs pictured in this article.

ADA compliant evacuation map signsADA compliant evacuation map signsADA signage is crucial and you will not be able to open for business if you do not pass the fire inspection so it is important that you have an experienced company handling your signage. We made a total of 15 room identification signs. Without these signs, it would be very difficult fo find where you need to go. Evacuation maps and maximum occupancy signs are also pivotal for safety inside of a building on a daily basis, and during emergencies.

The signs look great with the amazing interior that Warner Constructors worked on, and the project even won the “Education” category off IIDA Southern California’s Calibre Design Awards for this year!