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Last year we blogged about some interior signage we made for Encino Outpatient Surgery Center’s office in Encino, California which consisted of three non-illuminated acrylic backer panel signs and a suite number sign. After these were completed we also put up two more signs, two illuminated lobby signs. The design approval and production on these took longer than the other signs which is why the non-illuminated signs were installed first.

The illuminated lobby signs are also acrylic backer signs, however, the dimensional letters that make up the logo are reverse-lit. Instead of solid, non-illuminated acrylic dimensional letters that are installed directly onto the backer, The back of the acrylic is hollowed out a little bit to allow for space for LEDs, and the letters are spaced off of the backer panel by 1 1/2″. Since the letters need to be a certain stroke so we can fit LEDs in the letters, only the larger letters, “EOSC”, that make up the logo are illuminated. The bar in the center and the smaller ‘ENCINO OUTPATIENT SURGERY CENTER” letters on the side are made from 1/4″ thick custom painted acrylic dimensional letters. The reverse-lit letters are just under 1″ deep.

Both signs were very similar, one was just larger because our signs are custom-sized based on where they are being installed. The larger one which as 45″ wide went in the hallway right outside the entrance and the slightly smaller one which was 36″ wide went in the reception area in the lobby.