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We worked with Home Paradise Realty Group to make ADA compliant signs for one of their properties, Golden Galaxy Plaza Condominiums. There are three different types of ADA signs we made based on material. The evacuation maps, stair ID signs, and FDC signs were made from acrylic, the floor ID signs, exit signs, and Area of Refuge signs were made from compression panel, and the pool signs and gate signs were made from aluminum.

The acrylic signs all use non-glare acrylic and were back painted in their respective colors. These signs do not have raised copy or Braille, the graphics are digitally printed. The evacuation maps show the exit route throughout the building in case of an emergency, the stair identification signs are installed in the stairwell and indicate which floor you are on, and the FDC in FDC signs stand for “fire department connection”.

The second type of sign are the compression panel signs. These have raised copy and Braille which is why they are made differently from the acrylic signs with flat graphics. These are also back painted. The floor identification signs label each floor level, the exit signs indicate how to exit the building, and the Are of Refuge signs indicate where building occupants can wait during an emergency if evacuation is not safe or possible. Both the acrylic signs and the Braille signs were installed using VHB.

Lastly, the aluminum signs were made from .080 mill finish aluminum that were painted before digital prints were applied to them and then they were painted with a matte clear coat. The pool sign lists all of the pool rules, and the gate signs just indicate to keep the gate closed. These were installed with screws with painted heads to match the sign color so you do not see the mounting hardware.