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Vinco Builders is a general contractor that was working on a distribution service in Commerce, California. They were in need of ADA compliant signs and reached out to us after finding us online. The sign project included exit signs, room identification signs, restroom signs, locker room signs, and dock number signs. Most of the signs were made from aluminum with the exception of the exterior room identification signs and the dock number signs. We used 1/4″ brushed aluminum with black tactile copy and clear Braille. The copy needs to contrast well with the background to make sure that it can be read clearly, but the Braille doesn’t necessarily need to stand out visually which is why they were kept clear. The copy is tactile so those with vision impairment who do not know Braille can still read the sign.

14 of the 21 room identification signs were installed outside so they were made with acrylic instead of aluminum We used 1/4″ thick clear, non-glare acrylic. Again, the sign needs to be able to be read easily which is why non-glare material is used. To match the brushed aluminum signs on the inside, the acrylic was back-painted Matthews Paint Brushed Aluminum. These signs also required tactile copy and Braille.

The dock number signs have a different look. As opposed to the brushed aluminum and black look, they are white numbers on a black background so the people making the deliveries can identify the different docks quickly from their trucks. These were made from 1/8″ thick standard black acrylic and the numbers are made from cut white vinyl.

Large facilities require many different kinds of signage, and you need to make sure that the signs themselves and the sign locations are correct to make sure that you pass your fire inspection. If you’re looking for a custom sign company to hire for your next custom ADA project, give us a call today to get started on your estimate!