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Folk Williams Financial Management is an existing customer of ours for whom we made a lobby sign a couple of years ago. This year, they reached out to us because they were interested in some more interior signage. They wanted to get another lobby sign, and wall graphics. The previous sign we had made for them was an acrylic backer lobby sign that had brushed aluminum dimensional letters where the dimensional letters are mounted to the backer panel at our shop, and the entire sign is installed as one piece on-site. This new sign is just an aluminum dimensional letter sign. Dimensional letter signs are just 3-dimensional letters that are typically non-illuminated. Installing the letters directly onto the wall was useful for this location because the wall was curved. We were able to install the letters with spacers so the letters could mount properly. If a wall is slightly curved like this, we can still install the letters, but once the curve becomes too steep, we can run into issues due to the fact that the letters are flat.

The wall graphic with the words were digitally printed onto vehicle wrap material and applied directly onto the wall. For wall graphics, we like to use vehicle wrap material rather than vinyl because it stick to the wall better. Vinyl works great on completely flat surfaces such as glass, but for drywall, vehicle wrap works much better.