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Shopping centers, office buildings, and even schools often have signage that is mounted into the ground that you can see from the street. These types of signs that are lower to the ground are generally called monument signs. Pole signs are also mounted into the ground but they are much taller, usually taller than the buildings surrounding it. Monument signs for shopping centers and office buildings will typically have multiple spaces for different business names so you can see all of the tenants at a glance.

There are many different ways to put up interchangeable information. For the office building at 26 Castillian Drive, there was already an existing monument sign made from stucco. All of the existing letters and panels were removed, the entire sign was repainted, and we made new letters and backer panels. The tenant spaces were blocked out with powder-coated aluminum angle frames that were spaced off of the sign. “26 CASTILIAN DRIVE” and the tenant logos were metal dimensional letters that were made from 1/2″ thick brushed aluminum. They were stud mounted with spacers on the already spaced aluminum backer panels. “26 CASTILIAN DRIVE” was spaced off 1 1/2″, and the logos were spaced off 1/2″. This is because the backer panel was already spaced off 1″, so this makes sure that everything on the sign is spaced off evenly.

The letters for “SYSTEMS” in the Abaco Systems sign was very small, so those letters were made from 1/8″ thick powder-coated acrylic that was mounted to the aluminum panels using silicone glue. Since the silicone takes time to dry, we also use very high bonding (VHB) tape so the tape can hold the letters up while the silicone dries. This is the only part of the sign that was installed without spacers due to the size. Acrylic needs to be at least 3/8″ thick to be stud mounted which is required to use spacers. The letters were only 1″ tall, so using thicker material would not have looked good.