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Viking is a travel company that has been a client of ours for years. Having such a large office building, they require many signs such as door signs, cubicle signs, and other office signs. Exterior signage on an office building doesn’t tend to change unless the tenant changes or if there is a logo change. The latter has been the case with Viking for two exterior signage jobs we’ve assisted them with. When Viking was an early customer of ours, their business name was Viking River Cruises. They already had two existing signs but the logo box had gotten damaged on one so we did restoration for them. Shortly after, They expanded outside of river cruises and decided to get a brand new sign with the logo and “Viking Cruises”. You can check out the blog about the job here. At the time, we made them a brand new logo boxes and reverse-lit channel letters.

Now they have expanded the company even further into a travel company, not just cruises. Instead of just removing “Cruises”, we took down the entire sign so we could re-center it on the building. Please note that these changes aside from the logo box restoration require a new sign permit from the city. This is something we also handle in-house and have a lot of experience with. While we had the logo and letters for the sign, we also replaced the trim cap on the older logo box to restore it.

From initial fabrication to any logo changes, Resource 4 Signs is with you every step of the way. From exterior building signs to interior office signs such as ADA signs, we can do it all! Give us a call today to start on an estimate for your next sign project.