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A few years back we made two new sets of channel letter signs and a new logo box for Viking. Due to a name change, earlier this year they asked us to adjust their sign to just the logo and “Viking” instead of “Viking Cruises”. It would have been simple enough to just remove “Cruises” and patch and paint the area where the sign had been installed, but that would cause the sign to be off-center on the building as it was previously centered with the logo, “Viking”, and “Cruises”.

The first step was to remove the entire sign on both sides of the building. Before we could re-install the sign, we needed to get a new sign permit from the city. Although we are using the same letters and logo, the sign still needs to be permitted because it is considered a new sign if it is not identical to what was previously installed. While we were going through permitting and had the signs, they asked us to replace the trim cap on the logo box that we had not remade. Trim cap is used around the edges of the face of a front-lit channel letter box or front-lit logo box to attach the face and the returns of the channel letter or box. The holes that we made from the previous sign location were patched and painted while we were permitting.

After the new permit was secured, we re-installed the logo boxes and “Viking” on both sides of the building. They have two sets of signs, one on either side of the building. One faces the parking lot and the other faces the street. This was a fairly large job because we needed to rent a 80″ lift every time we needed to reach the sign area.