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Supercuts in Port Hueneme reached out to us for a new storefront sign. They are located in a large outdoor shopping center with many different tenants. In cases like this, the landlord or property owner will prefer that all of the signs match in style. Channel letter signs are very popular for storefront signs and work great for most businesses. Channel letters are internally illuminated so you can advertise well both in the daytime and nighttime. For the Supercuts in Port Hueneme, we made a new set of front-lit channel letters to match the other tenants in the shopping plaza.

A good storefront sign is crucial for a business that relies on customers coming into the business. The signage will help the people who are looking for the location, especially if it is lit up, and it will also advertise to those who are visiting the plaza for another business or even to people driving by if the sign faces the street. Especially if your business has a well-known name and logo like Supercuts, you want to make sure that sign can be seen very well. Front-lit channel letters have faces that are lit up so this sign is red at nighttime. To achieve different colors, we use different colors of translucent acrylic. Translucent acrylic comes in standard colors such as red, blue, white, etc. If a more customized color is required, we use white acrylic and lay translucent vinyl on the faces.

We needed to include the trademark symbol in the sign, but it was too small to make into channel letters. It wasn’t crucial that the trademark symbol lit up so we made the white circle from 1/2″ thick white acrylic and the “R” in the circle with 3/16″ thick red acrylic.