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A few years back we started working with Arete Associates on their office building signage when they needed to update tenant information on some suite signs and on the directory sign. Since then, we have been working with them on numerous signs around the building including refurbishing their channel letter sign and monument signs and making them a new wayfinding directory sign. When we first started making signs for them they already had two channel letter signs and two monument signs. Channel letter signs are made to last for years so, at most, they go through a refurbishment for new faces or an LED conversion like we did a couple of years ago. However, they were updating their logo so they needed to update their signage to match. They had two existing channel letter signs, one facing the parking lot and one facing the street so both signs were removed and replaced with the new logo.

If you go through any rebranding, it is crucial that all of your marketing material matches to reflect the changes. It is easy to update your logo digitally on your website or social media platforms, but it takes a little more work to update business cards, apparel, and any signage which includes vehicle signage, building signage, and interior signage. The process is especially involved in building signs because they require a permit. When we did the refurbishment we didn’t need a permit because we were just refacing the channel letters. Since we were taking down the existing signs and putting up completely new ones, we needed a permit from the city.

The style of the sign was kept the same, we made front-lit channel letter signs. The previous sign used raceways for electricity, but we were able to install the signs without a raceway on the front of the building by installing the signs high up enough on the building to put a behind-the-wall raceway on the parapet roof.