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Monument signs are the signs you see mounted into the ground near the sidewalk. Many businesses including shopping centers, office buildings, and professional offices utilize monument signs. There are many different types of monument signs, one of which are internally illuminated monument signs with interchangeable faces like the ones that Arete Associates had. The monument signs had been there for a while but had their old logo. Since they updated their logo, we had made new channel letter signs and a lobby sign for them. During the signage update, we also updated these monument signs.

Unlike the channel letters and the lobby sign, we didn’t need to completely redo the sign because the faces are interchangeable. The metal retainers hold the sign faces and they can be removed easily for repairs or updates. This also means that we didn’t need a new permit because we were only changing out the faces, not making a new sign like we did with the channel letter signs.

The two signs were different sizes so after we went out for a site survey to get the necessary dimensions, we designed the new sign faces with the new logo. Unlike the horizontal layout of the other signs, this version of the logo is stacked because of the dimensions of the sign. Instead of a long logo, we needed to make something that was more of a square shape to take advantage of all of the space available.

We used a combination of Tuf Glas, translucent vinyl, and digital prints on translucent vinyl to create these monument sign faces. Tuf Glas is a very strong polycarbonate that is much stronger than standard acrylic. It also comes in large rolls rather than sheets so it is ideal for larger sign faces like monument sign faces or box sign faces.