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Monument signs refer to larger signs that are mounted into the ground. Monument signs are typically wider than they are tall, and taller signs are referred to as pole signs. Arete Associates had two exterior signs mounted into the ground. The smaller sign could also be referred to as a post and panel sign. Different companies sometimes refer to signs with different names, so the best thing to do when you need a new face for a sign is email a photo to the company.

Arete Associates was updating their logo which is why they needed new sign faces. Both signs are double-sided so they needed a total of four new sign faces. We went out to the location to measure the size of the cans and openings and made them new faces from Tuf Glas. Tuf Glas is a polycarbonate that comes in large rolls rather than sheets so it works better for larger sign faces. Acrylic is limited to 4′ x 8′ sheets so if a sign face is larger than the sheet size, you need to use multiple and you can end up with one or more seams.

The logo is made from translucent vinyl and digitally printed vinyl. We also updated their channel letter signs so we used the same colors to make sure that the signs match exactly. These monument signs had existing cans that held the sign faces so changing them out was fairly easy. Some monument signs are made from concrete and they will have sign faces or dimensional letters mounted onto the sign. In this case, the monument sign may need to be patched and painted after the signs are removed. There are many obstacles that can come up when updating signage, which is why you want to work with a professional sign company like Resource 4 Signs for all of your signage needs.