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Richardson Ober DeNichilo is a law firm in Pasadena, California that is an existing customer of ours. They needed a new lobby sign that displayed their logo next to the reception desk so they reached out to us with their logo. Lobby signs are very popular for law firms as they are a type of business that will have client coming into the office in person. Many law firms are also located inside of a larger office building rather than having a storefront like a retail store or restaurant so we use the lobby area and the doors to display logos. Suite signs and directory signs also play a role in helping visitors locate the suite inside of a building.

This lobby sign was made from aluminum. The letters were made from 3/8″ thick brushed aluminum and the square was made from 1/4″ thick brushed aluminum. Aluminum needs to be at least 1/4″ thick to be stud mounted but we didn’t want to make the square too thick since 3/8″ thick letters would be mount on top of it which is why we made it the minimum thickness of 1/4″. The letters on the square needed to be 3-dimensional to make sure that the brushed aluminum letters would be seen on the brushed aluminum backer panel since the client wanted to use the same brushed texture for the whole sign. The brushed texture we used is a horizontal brushed texture. For wording that is going to be read from left to right or right to left, it’s best to use a brushed grain that goes in the direction of how the words will be read.

We’ve made many signs for law firms, ranging from acrylic desk signs, metal dimensional letter signs, and signs with backer panels. Depending on your logo and office interior, we’ll customize a sign that will work perfectly for your company. You can check out our gallery here. If you are interested in getting a lobby sign for your office, give us a call today!