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Exterior signs are great for advertising so the larger they are, the better. In Los Angeles, getting an exterior sign permit can be a long process depending on where your business is located and the larger the sign, the more difficult it can become. Especially for businesses on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, it can take a while to get a new exterior sign approved. Luckily for Vantage Point Inn, the property already had two double-sided pole signs and a large cabinet sign. All three signs had interchangeable faces, and new sign faces do not require a permit because you’re refacing the sign as opposed to putting up a new one.

We went out to the location to get the measurements of the sign faces and had them send us their logo. Two of the signs are circles and one is a rectangle so as you can see, the layout of the logo needed to be different for the rectangular sign and the circular signs. When we’re working with a circle or square shape we typically stack the logo vertically to fill up the space well, and if we’re working with a wider space we put the logo on the left and the rest of the words on the right. These are pretty standard layouts that work with most logos.

To match the logo colors as close as possible, we had the clients choose from the 3M and Oracal translucent vinyl colors. The vinyl was cut out and laid onto white Tuf Glas. Even the smallest sign was 5′ x 5′ which is larger than a standard sheet of acrylic which is 4′ x 8 which is why we used Tuf Glas for all five sign faces. Tuf Glas is a polycarbonate that comes in large rolls rather than sheets so we can make large sign faces without any seams. Tuf Glas is also stronger than standard acrylic so it is less likely to shatter if something happens to hit the sign.