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We worked with Warner Constructors to get ADA signs up for LinQuest Corporation. The ADA signs we made included room identification signs, restroom signs, maximum occupancy signs, exit route signs, exit stair signs, stair identification signs, and evacuation maps.

In the photos, you can see the room identification signs and the restroom signs. The room identification signs have tactile room numbers and Braille so they are up to code. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and many different signs are required for new construction and renovations. The Braille translation is helpful to those with vision impairment that read Braille, and the tactile characters are helpful to those with vision impairment that do not read Braille. These types of signs are also made with non-glare material for easy legibility. The occupant of a room can change so the sign has space for name inserts.

We made three sets of men’s restroom signs, three sets of women’s restroom signs, and one set of unisex restroom signs. A set includes a sign on the wall next to the door with tactile copy and Braille and a sign on the door without tactile copy or Braille. Due to the fact that the door moves, it is not safe to have tactile lettering and Braille on it. The signs were made from 1/4″ thick non-glare acrylic with subsurface paint. Subsurface paint means that the back is painted and you see the color through the acrylic.

Many of the other signs like the exit route signs, exit stair down signs, and evacuation maps are related to how to exit the building in case of an emergency. It is very important that these signs are easy to read and placed in multiple places throughout the building. These signs were also made from non-glare acrylic and the exit route signs, exit stairs down signs, and stair identification signs have tactile cop0y and Braille.