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Last year we did full window graphics for a Chevron in North Hollywood, California. They were so happy with how the graphics came out that they wanted the same thing done at another Chevron in Culver City, California. Since our Designer already had the artwork from the last set of graphics, making changes was very easy. They still wanted to advertise for the car wash, but there were some icons that didn’t need to be included for this location. Before we start printing, we always send proofs to the customer with the design and material callout to make sure that the customer is 100% happy with how the signs will look and how they will be made before we start production.

Full window graphics refer to graphics that cover the entire length and width of the windowpane. There are two main types which are perforated and solid. If the client is interested in being able to still see out of the window or they are worried about blocking out the light, they will tend to go with perforated window graphics. But in some cases like for this Chevron, being able to see out the window was not a concern so we used solid, opaque vinyl.

When it comes to the installation of solid vinyl, there are two main options which are installing the graphics on the inside of the window or on the outside. Installing from the inside will last longer so it is more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. If the graphics are installed on the outside, there is a large chance of damage from both natural causes and vandalism. To install from the inside, we digitally print the artwork onto clear vinyl, but we reverse-print it so when we apply the vinyl to the glass, the information is facing the right way from the outside. If we kept the vinyl as it is, it would be very hard to read due to the vinyl being clear. This is why we also back it with solid, white vinyl which is what caused the price difference.

The result is a set of vibrant, full window graphics that will look great for a long time.