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nurse's station room id sign patient room number sign We made these custom ivory and black ADA signs for a hospital unit in Glendora Community Hospital. The great thing about going to a custom sign manufacturer is that we can design and create personalized signs for your location that are code compliant. There were a few specifications we needed to follow for these signs in particular because they were for a psychiatric unit. The signs had beveled edges and were installed with tamper-proof screws. We also followed the typical ADA guidelines such as using non-glare material, tactile copy, and Braille on some signs to name a few.

restroom sign with brailleunisex restroom door signMost of the identification signs require both Braille and tactile copy for people with visual impairment. The copy needs to contrast with the background so we used black, but the Braille doesn’t necessarily need to be seen so it is clear. You may not be able to see it well in the photos, but it serves its purpose. There is Braille on all of the signs that are identifying a room and they are installed to the right of the door on the side that the door handle is on. There are also specifications regarding where the sign is placed. This is important so there is uniformity, and again, so it is easy for a person with vision impairment to locate the sign. The restroom sign on the door does not have Braille on it, because we do not put Braille on door signs. Since the door could open while someone is trying to read the sign, it is dangerous, and therefore only the sign on the wall next to the door has Braille.

ADA compliant signs are required for public buildings to pass fire inspection and without them, you cannot open for business. Give us a call at 818-349-7400 to get started on your custom ADA signs.