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red and white room occupancy sign red and white stair id signVaughn was the first conversion charter school in the nation. They were first authorized by the LAUSD in 1993, giving them over 25 years of experience as an independent charter school. We previously worked alongside Vaughn’s construction company, Del Amo Construction, for the ADA signage for Vaughn International Studies Academy. More recently, we made signs for their Middle School for International Studies and Technology campus. What’s special about these signs is that the colors are customized to match the school colors. ADA signs have strict specifications in order to pass inspection, but there are things that can be customized such as the color and material. This is why custom sign manufacturing companies like us are contracted for signage during new construction or a renovation.

red and white exit route signred and white boys restroom signThe signs we made include room identification signs, exit signs, restroom signs, and many other signs related to fire safety. As you can see from the photos, these are not just the standard blue and white signs you can buy online or from a hardware store. Everything is customized from design to sign location. As long as the color of the lettering contrasts with the background, we can use any color. We typically use acrylic since we can use paint to customize the color, however, we have also used metal depending on the design of the location. The material just needs to be non-glare for legibility.

First, we are provided with either a list of signs that are required or the floor plans so we can determine the required signs. During construction or renovation, we do a walkthrough with the fire inspector to confirm the sign quantity and location. By actually walking through the building in person, we are able to catch anything we might have missed before we start production to make sure that we have everything we need to pass inspection.