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interior office glass door with etched vinyl office conference room with etched vinyl glass walls Privacy film is called many different things including frosted vinyl, window film, and etched vinyl, just to name a few. Etched vinyl is semi-transparent vinyl that is applied onto glass to create a frosted glass effect. Many office interiors will have glass doors or glass walls for conference rooms and if you want to add some privacy to specific areas, frosted glass is a classy way to do it. However, if you are going to use real frosted glass, it can get very expensive because you need to actually have that piece of glass replaced. Even if you did have the budget, you may not be able to make those changes if you’re renting or leasing. By using vinyl, you’re able to make less permanent changes at a lower price point. Installation is much easier than putting in new glass, and the vinyl can be removed if you decide to renovate or move to a new location. The removed vinyl cannot be reused, you would need to go through the ordering process again. This is because the vinyl is not usable again once it’s removed, and because the vinyl is cut to the exact size of the glass.

interior office window with etched vinylinterior office window with etched vinylWhen Folk Williams Financial Management reached out to us for their interior signs, they were in the middle of renovating the office. They were interested in a lobby sign, wall graphics, and etched vinyl. You can read about the lobby sign and wall graphics here. While the office was under construction, we went out to the location for a site visit to get all of the necessary measurements for the signs. The glass doors and windows were already there so we were able to get exact measurements and cut the etched vinyl exactly to match the glass.