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bronze sign with orange text for stair identification with smaller sign of same color for floor identification bronze sign with orange letters that read 203 with bronze Braille translation Coldwater Villas is a new four-story apartment building in Studio City. We worked with KLPM on the project providing ADA-compliant signage and an address number sign for the new complex. Apartment buildings require a lot of signage, which includes identification signage, and signs required for fire safety. Identification signs include signs like room ID signs and unit number signs. Room identification signs are for different rooms around the building such as the lobby and trash chute room, and unit number signs refer to the apartment number for each unit. For fire safety, we need to include signs like exit signs, evacuation maps, and different signs that tell you where you are such as stair ID signs and floor ID signs. These signs may seem unnecessary on a day-to-day basis, but it is crucial to know where you are in the building and how to get to the nearest exit during an emergency.

bronze acrylic address numbersbronze sign with orange letters that read TRASH CHUTE with bronze Braille translationAlong with the ADA signs, we also made an address number sign. Some apartment complexes will have a name like Coldwater Villas, while some just go by their address. In either situation, having your address number displayed helps someone find the complex much easier. These address numbers are acrylic dimensional letters. Dimensional letters are just solid letters that are 3-dimensional and are typically not illuminated. We make our dimensional letters from either acrylic or aluminum, depending on the look we’re going for. Acrylic comes in many standard colors so if the sign just needs to use standard colors, acrylic works perfectly. These address numbers are made from 3/8″ thick duranodic bronze acrylic to match the color of the interior signs. They were stud mounted to the wall with 1/2″ spacers so they float off of the wall a little bit.

These new signs look great with the rest of the apartment design and will definitely make navigating through the building much easier.