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bronze sign with orange letters that read 203 with bronze Braille translation bronze sign with orange text for stair identification with smaller sign of same color for floor identification Why should you choose a custom sign company for your signs? Since we are in complete control of the design and manufacturing, we can make you signs that are personalized for your needs. Take Coldwater Villas, for example,  a new apartment complex in Studio City, California. They needed some signs like ADA signs which are required, and a sign for their address numbers. ADA signs have a lot of specifications that need to be met to pass fire inspection so it is important that you’re working with a company that understands the code requirements. The different ADA signs we made include room identification signs, exit signs, floor identification signs, stair identification signs, and evacuation map signs. All of the signs were made from 1/8″ thick Rowmark, which is a brand of acrylic, and orange text. Depending on where in the building the sign was going, we changed the color of the Rowmark based on what the client wanted. As you can see, the signs range from a dark brown, a lighter brown called “driftwood”, and white. But to keep uniformity, all of the signs have orange copy. Some of the signs require tactile copy and Braille, in which case the text was made from 1/32″ thick acrylic. For the other signs, the text or graphics were UV-printed to match the orange color of the other signs.

bronze acrylic address numberswhite and orange evacuation map signThe address numbers were also made from acrylic. We used 3/8″ thick duranodic bronze acrylic. Exterior signs need to be stud mounted into the wall, and acrylic needs to be at least 3/8″ thick to be stud mounted, which is why we went with that thickness. The client also wanted the numbers to be spaced off of the wall by 1/2″, and stud mounting is necessary to use spacers. The address numbers will definitely help people who are looking for the apartment complex, and the color looks great with the rest of the signs.