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The Estelle is a luxury apartment complex in Los Angles, California. We worked with Westside Contractors to help out with different kinds of signage for the complex and today we’ll be talking about the banners. Banners are a very popular form of temporary advertising for apartment complexes, especially multi-floor complexes. You want to make sure that the text is large enough to be read from far away, and a banner is an expensive way to do so. Wall signs like channel letters or dimensional letters can be made to be very large, but the production is much more expensive than printing a banner, the installation is more complicated, and they are more permanent.

Signs like channel letters and dimensional letters need to be installed securely onto the wall per code so you need a flat surface that all of the letters can fit onto. As you can see from the photos, the banner was installed onto the balconies so it can span across a majority of the building. There are two banners, one facing the street, and this one that is facing the parking lot. Both banners have the name of the complex, when they are going to open, and contact information such as the phone number and website. Contact information is very important, especially the website, so anyone interested could get more information or have their questions answered. These banners were made to advertise the complex to potential new tenants. If they wanted to get new banners to update their information, removal of the banners and re-installation of new ones will be very easy.

Along with advertising, the banner also helps people find the location. We did make the address numbers for this complex which we’ll be going over in a future blog, but sometimes it is much easier when the name of the location you’re looking for is displayed very large on the building.