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Dr. Gabe Rosenthal found us when he was looking for a sign company online and reached out to us for custom office signs. Rosenthal Dental is located inside of an office building in Encino, California. Many offices inside of office buildings will invest in interior signs to personalize the office as they do not have a storefront. Dr. Gabe wanted to get a lobby sign and a reception area sign which are both interior wall signs. The lobby sign displays the name of the office and the reception area sign is for Dr. Gabe’s name. We give lobby signs and reception area signs different names just to distinguish them and their locations, but when it comes to sign type a lobby sign or reception area sign could mean anything from a neon sign to dimensional letters.

The signs we made for Rosenthal Dental are acrylic dimensional letter signs with aluminum laminate. Acrylic dimensional letters are letters that are routed from sheets of acrylic so they are 3-dimensional. Our dimensional letters generally range from 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. This sign was made from 3/8″ black acrylic. Acrylic comes in many standard colors, one of them being black. Dr. Gabe was interested in a black and silver sign so we used black acrylic, and laminated the faces of some parts of the sign with brushed aluminum. As you can see from the close-up side photos, the sides of the letters are black. For “Rosenthal”, in the lobby sign and “Doctor” and part of the tooth logo in the reception area sign, the black acrylic was laminated with brushed aluminum before the letters were routed so the sides are still the original acrylic color. Aluminum laminate is a great option if you want a metal look without using solid metal letters.