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gold-acrylic-dimensional-letters gold-acrylic-dimensional-letters Body Magik Boutique is a massage spa located in Los Angeles, California. When they were first opening at the end of last year, they reached out to us for storefront signage. Exterior signage is crucial for a business that has a storefront. There are many different types of storefront designs and depending on your storefront, different sign types may be more appropriate. They already had a banner up with the business name and services, but they also wanted to have the business name on the metal box that holds the roll-up gate. They provided us with the artwork on the banner which had the business logo. They didn’t care to repeat the services for the second sign, just the business name. We used the same color scheme so we made the sign from metallic gold acrylic.

gold-acrylic-dimensional-lettersThe sign is an acrylic dimensional letter sign. The letters were routed from a sheet of acrylic, and they were installed as individual pieces on-site. In order to make sure that the letters are installed in the correct place, we create a template based on the logo design from paper. The template shows the location of each letter so the letters can be installed, and the template can simply be removed when the installers are done.

While we were working on the design for the sign, the client also wanted to add the address numbers. Many people will look up your address to find your location so it is a great idea to have it displayed clearly on your storefront. Having an address number sign not only helps identify your location but also helps someone navigate through the neighborhood as a whole if they are looking for a specific place. The address numbers did not need to be 3-dimensional so we made them from black vinyl, and they were applied directly onto the metal box.