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gold-acrylic-dimensional-letters gold-acrylic-dimensional-lettersWhen you want to display your logo or lettering on the wall, dimensional letters are a great choice. Opposed to wall graphics which are made from vinyl, dimensional letters are 3-dimensional because the letters, logos, and characters are routed from a sheet of material. Our dimensional letters typically range from 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep. Depending on the logo color or the colors that the client wants, we will usually go with acrylic or aluminum dimensional letters, so essentially plastic or metal. Aluminum is used when the client wants solid metal letters. Aluminum comes in many different finishes, and it can be painted or anodized in different colors so it is very versatile. For example, if a client wanted gold letters that looked like real metal, we could anodize aluminum letters gold. In some cases, a client will want real metal like bronze, in which case we will use real bronze.

gold-acrylic-dimensional-lettersIf a client is interested in gold letters but it is not important if the letters are made from real metal, we can use acrylic instead. This was the case for Body Magik Boutique in Los Angeles. Sign acrylic is very durable and works very well for exterior signs, and it is also lighter. The sign was also going onto a hollow metal box that holds the roll-up gate so we didn’t want it to be too heavy. If a client needs to follow a brand guide and use a specific gold color, we can custom paint it. But if they are not specific about the exact color, we can use standard acrylic that comes in gold. For this sign, we used a standard metallic gold acrylic.

No matter what your logo looks like or what you want to be displayed, we can design and manufacture a sign for you that fits your needs perfectly.