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black reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333" black reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333" A few weeks back we blogged about the custom banners for The Estelle Luxury Apartments. Along with this temporary signage to advertise when they were going to open, we also worked on permanent signage like these address numbers. This sign is a reverse-lit channel letter sign so it lights up at nighttime. The numbers are hollow metal cans with LEDs inside. The faces and returns of the numbers are made from aluminum and the back is clear so the light shines onto the wall behind the sign and creates a halo effect around each number.

Lighted signs are great for address numbers so the sign can be seen all day and all night. Most people will either use the name of the building, or the address to locate an apartment complex. Since The Estelle has the name displayed on the banners and the address number displayed prominently at the entrance, there should be no issues for tenants or visitors that are looking for the building.

reverse-lit channel letters before the cans are installed exposing the LEDsblack reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333"On top of helping identify the building, an address number sign like this can help the community in general by indicating where someone is in a neighborhood. Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood and can’t seem to find a single address number on the buildings around you? With this internally illuminated sign, there will be no doubts about where you are.

There are many different signs we’ve made for apartments that range from exterior entrance signs to interior unit number signs. You can check out our website gallery here if you are looking to get some inspiration. If you’re looking for signage for your apartment, give us a call today at 818-349-7400 to get started. We are a custom manufacturer with over 10 years of experience.