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light brass doorbell panel with logo light brass doorbell panel with logoWe have over 10 years of experience in custom signage so we can find efficient ways to make you the signs you need for your business. We worked with Westside Contractors, a long-time customer of ours, on Reeves Place, an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. One of the signs they wanted to get were panels for the doorbells. Most of the signage we made for them is brass and bronze, and we kept the color theme going for these signs. As you can see in the photos, the signs are brass with bronze text. Instead of using solid brass, the signs are mostly acrylic for cost efficiency. The acrylic is 1/4″ thick and has a brass laminate on the face. The panels were routed from the material along with the doorbell hole and the holes for the screws. You can see the black of the acrylic from the edges. We can paint the sides to match the face if the client prefers the entire thing to be one color, but these signs are pretty thin so it was not necessary. Black is a great base color to use because it is neutral.

light brass doorbell panel with logolight brass doorbell panel with logoThe “R” logo was silkscreened onto the brass laminate, and the sign was finished off with a clear coat. Printing the graphics directly onto the sign helps ensure longevity. Another option would be to use vinyl, but vinyl can start cracking and peeling over time and the client wanted these to be able to withstand the weather conditions. The signs were installed flush to the wall using anchors and screws.

The production of these signs were pretty simple, but they make a huge difference to the personalization of the apartment complex and adds to the tenant experience. The colors they chose to use also bring everything together. Keep a lookout for future blogs where we will be talking about the exterior signage and the ADA signs we did.