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brass dimensional letter sign on buildingbrass dimensional letter sign on buildingReeves Place is a new apartment complex in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles. We worked with Westside Contractors on the signage for the building which included both interior and exterior signage. They were interested in getting an exterior sign on the building to display the apartment complex’s name. Not all apartment complexes have a building sign like this one, but Reeves Place put a lot of thought into aesthetics and uses signage to personalize and enhance the building.

brass dimensional letter sign on buildingLast month we discussed the custom doorbell panels we made for each tenant’s doorbell. It’s a small detail, but it does a lot to help the overall feel of the apartments. Like the doorbell panels, the exterior building sign is also brass. The sign we made for them is a reverse channel letter sign. Our channel letters are typically made from aluminum. Aluminum can be painted or anodized to be a different color, but Reeves Place wanted real brass for a high-end sign. Reverse channel letters are all metal. The faces are made from .090 horizontally brushed brass, and the returns are made from .063 satin brass. Our reverse-lit channel letters are typically 3 – 3-1/2″ deep due to the internal illumination, but since these were non-illuminated reverse channel letters, the returns are only 2″ deep. The faces and returns are welded together and the back is made from Lexan which is a clear polycarbonate.

The brass letters have a sophisticated look and the sign looks great with the building exterior. If you’re interested in getting a large sign for your building, channel letters are a great choice. Especially if you want metal letters, reverse channel letters are perfect whether you want an illuminated or a non-illuminated sign. As previously mentioned, aluminum channel letters can be painted any color, but if you want a metal look, the aluminum can be anodized or we can use a different type of metal. Both options are more expensive than plain or painted aluminum channel letters, but look much nicer.