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metal dimensional letters on concrete monument sign metal dimensional letters on concrete monument sign A monument sign is a sign that is mounted into the ground and is typically low to the ground. There are many different ways to make monument signs which include aluminum cabinet signs, wood, concrete, and high density foam. Monument signs are a very permanent sign so most properties will already have one. We worked with Grafskoy Hindeloopen Limited, an architecture firm in Santa Barbara, California, for signage at an office building in Goleta, California. There was an existing concrete monument sign that listed the tenants of the building, and some of the letters needed to be updated. Monument signs are typically used to advertise a business, whether the building or plaza is multi-tenant, or just for one company. The building number did not change so we just needed to update the company name. In order to match the existing letters on the sign, we made the new letters from 1″ aluminum. SLD Laser’s logo is typically two-toned to differentiate the two different words, so we powder coated “SLD” gray metallic, and “LASER” silver metallic to keep it a metal sign, while staying true to their logo.

metal dimensional letters on concrete monument signmetal dimensional letters on concrete monument signExterior signs are very important for businesses, especially if you are in an office building or office park with other businesses. Monument signs are typically installed near the street or parking lot entrance so the person looking for your business can easily identify the easiest way to get to the business. Having an address, building number, or address number can be helpful, but that is usually the extent of information that will go on a monument sign. Since the sign is typically read while someone is in a vehicle, it is best if the information is short and sweet.

Do you have a monument sign on your property that needs to be updated with new information? We manufacture and install new faces and letters for many different types of monument signs. If you are interested in getting a new monument sign installed, you can check out our gallery for some ideas.