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metal dimensional letters on concrete monument sign metal dimensional letters on concrete monument signWhile monument signs are very permanent fixtures, the information on them can typically be changed easily. Especially if it is a multi-tenant monument sign, it is important that the information can be updated in case of any logo update, company name changes, or tenant changes. For existing monument signs, we will either make new faces, panels, or letters. Internally illuminated metal monument signs have acrylic faces that can be changed out easily. We simply put the new information on in vinyl and replace the face. Some monument signs will have metal panels with dimensional letters on them like the monument sign refurbishment we did for another office building. For other signs, there are dimensional letters installed directly on the sign like this concrete monument sign in Goleta.

metal dimensional letters on concrete monument signmetal dimensional letters on concrete monument signMonument signs take a lot of work from designing, manufacturing, permitting, to installation. But the great thing about monument signs is that once it is in place, updating faces or letters does not require any additional permitting unless you are modifying the actual monument sign somehow. For this sign, the previous letters were already removed and the area was patched and painted so all we needed to do was replace them with SLD Laser’s logo. We used 1″ thick aluminum to match the other dimensional letters on the sign and powder coated the letters two different colors of metallic paint. We powder coated rather than painting the letters because the location is close to the ocean, and powder coated letters will stand up to the salt water air much better than painted letters. The letters were stud mounted into the concrete monument sign using 1/4″ spacers.

Whether you need new dimensional letters on a concrete monument sign, acrylic faces for an illuminated cabinet sign, or a complete refurbishment, we can handle the job. Give us a call at 818-349-7400 to get started on your custom monument sign.