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We have done many signs for Beverlywood over the years, including monument sign letters and post signs for Circle Park, and identification signage for the neighborhood. This recent sign project consisted of 25 signs that we installed around the neighborhood to indicate that they are protected by Post Alarm and Security. Coincidentally, we also did an exterior sign and an interior sign for Post Alarm’s location in Arcadia, California.

Getting permission to put up multiple signs can be cumbersome in most cases but since we were working directly with the HOA, the process was much easier. They also had existing posts installed into the ground and added some where they wanted more signs which also made the job easier. We simply installed white vinyl sleeves to fit over the metal posts and added a round finial on top of each post.

There were a few existing security signs up but they were out of date, and the HOA wanted to add more that matched the neighborhood ID signs we just made and installed for them recently. The corners are scalloped in, and we used the same border style and colors. The vinyl we used is Oracal 751-060 Dark Green which is laid on top of white aluminum so the white parts you are seeing is the actual aluminum. Having matching signage in the neighborhood definitely helps the neighborhood look nicer, and creates a better atmosphere for the residents. Using a nice color like dark green is also easier on the eyes compared to a red or yellow sign.

Since we are a custom shop, we can manufacture and install any type of sign you need. The only restrictions are regulations set by the city, which we also have a lot of experience in. If your sign requires a permit, we can see the job through from design, manufacturing, permitting, and installation.