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When it comes to exterior signage, there are many different types depending on what your goals are. If you are trying to use the sign to advertise, you may want to put it on the building of your business. Other options include mounting a sign into the ground like a monument sign that lists tenants. But if a sign is purely informational, it is not necessary to have such a permanent and large sign. For example, parking signs will often be installed on a wall in front of the space. But if you do not have space to put a sign up, sometimes you need to make one. This is where posts come in. A single metal post is simple, but can hold up a panel that can display a lot of information. A plain metal post with a printed metal sign doesn’t sound too appealing, but if you’re working with a sign manufacturing company like us, you can customize the sign and make it more high-end. This is exactly what we did for Beverlywood HOA and their security signs.

They needed to update their out of date signs, and also wanted to add more so they had metal posts installed where they wanted each sign to be. We then went to each sign location to install white vinyl sleeves on each post, topped it with a round white finial, and attached the sign faces we made for them. The signs were made to match the neighborhood ID signs we made for them recently so they are the same style and use the same color scheme. The signs themselves were made from .080 white aluminum with vinyl on the faces. We used Oracal 751-060 Dark green vinyl and laminated them with anti-graffiti laminate. We made a total of 25 signs and 23 of them were installed around the neighborhood.