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Monument signs can be used for many different types of businesses. Whether you are an office building, a large corporation, or an HOA, a large sign mounted into the ground can be very useful. Meridian Hills HOA was looking for identification signage for the neighborhood. At the entrance of Meridian Hills Drive, there were two low rock walls on opposite corners of the street. They decided to carve out some of the wall to create a flat area to install a sign that would display the name of the neighborhood so it would be clear to anyone coming in that they were now entering Meridian Hills.

Monument signs are great because they are large and can be read from the street. The “MERIDIAN HILLS” letters are 15″ tall overall and made from 3/8″ thick aluminum. They were painted duranodic bronze and installed with 1/2″ spacers so they float off of the wall a little bit. Since the surface is curved, and the letters are flat, it is better to use spacers to mount them to make sure that they are all evenly spaced off of the wall.

Monument signs refer to signs that are low to the ground and are mounted directly into the ground. Although the wall was already there, the sign can be considered a monument sign since there is signage on it now and it is mounted into the ground. Other signs that are mounted into the ground include pole signs and post signs. Pole signs are very tall, often taller than the buildings around them. Post signs are smaller signs that are mounted into the ground using a post and have a panel at the top with information displayed.

Whether you are in need of a monument sign, pole sign, or post sign, Resource 4 Signs is on the job. Give us a call today for a new sign or new letters and faces for an existing sign.