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CKC Laboratories needed some exterior signage for their building. They wanted to get a sign of their logo to go on the top of the building, and some door vinyl. Building signage is important for any type of business whether you are a restaurant, manufacturing company, or a professional business. If you have an established logo, you will likely want to display it on the building. Some buildings will have an existing cabinet or area to put a sign up. If not, you typically want to have the sign installed toward the top of the building near the entrance, or facing the street where someone driving by will be able to see it. If a business does not have a logo, it is common to simply display what the business offers. This can be seen with a lot of restaurants or smoke shops where they will have a sign that says “CHINESE RESTAURANT” or “TOBACCO” in large letters. In some cases, the name of the business will also be displayed next to the letters, just smaller.

The sign for CKC Laboratories did not need to light up so we used dimensional letters. However, the blue in their logo and the existing dark gray paint on the building did not contrast well, so we decided to use a white backer panel. The white background helps the logo pop, and make sure that the sign is legible.

For the doors, we digitally printed the logo and additional lettering onto vinyl, laminated it, and applied it directly onto the doors. Along with building signage, door signage is also important to let visitors know that they are entering the right business. It’s also a good opportunity to display other information such as where to enter, and how to gain access.