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Residential areas require many different types of signs such as address numbers, entrance signs, wayfinding signs, and unit number signs. Grandview Townhomes needed to add some signs around the complex and we were able to help out with the manufacturing and installation. The townhomes had existing unit number signs, however, they wanted to make it easier for the residents and visitors to find the unit they were looking for. This is where the wayfinding signs came in. Wayfinding signs are pretty self-explanatory, they are simply meant to help you find your way when navigating through a space whether it is an office building, apartment complex, or an outdoor park. You could look at each unit number to try to figure out where the unit you’re looking for is, but if there is a sign showing you which range of numbers is in which direction, it makes it much easier to find where you’re going. The signs were either mounted on the gate, or onto the exterior wall using brackets that we also provided.

The other signs we made were pool signs and gate signs. We made three sets of pool signs that list the rules for the pool area such as what is not allowed inside the area, the hours, and any other warnings. We made a total of 18 gate signs to be installed around the complex that are simply a reminder to close the gate quietly. Living in a gated complex definitely has its perks, but if there are many people coming and going, the sound of the gate slamming can start to get irritating to your neighbors.

All of these signs were made by direct printing onto aluminum so the production was fairly simple. These new signs will definitely help the tenant experience at Grandview Townhomes, along with the experience of any visitors.