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Grandview Townhomes is a townhome in Los Angeles that was in need of some signage. We worked with the HOA to produce and install necessary signs around the complex. The signs we made include three wayfinding signs, two set of pool rules, and 18 gate signs. All of these signs were flat signs that just needed to display information, so we made them by direct digital printing onto aluminum. Instead of digitally printing onto vinyl which is then applied to the aluminum, the artwork is printed directly onto the aluminum which results in a longer-lasting sign and saves on material. For the wayfinding signs we printed black onto white aluminum, the pool signs were black, red, and blue printed onto white aluminum, and the gate signs were white printed onto black aluminum. Aluminum sheets can come pre-painted which works great for signs like these, but also for larger signs like box signs. The aluminum is cut down to the necessary sizes we need from typically a 4′ x 8′ sheet to create many of the same signs.

Most of the signs were mounted directly onto the gate, but two of the signs were going to be installed on the exterior wall so we put them up with brackets provided by Ornamental Post and Panel. The brackets themselves were installed to the wall using anchors and screws, and the sign is hanging from the bracket using holes that were drilled into the sign. These are the only two signs that were double-sided, as they were the only two that needed to be read from both sides. The other signs were installed against something, so they are single-sided.

Direct digitally printed signs work great for signs that just need to display some information, but do not need to be illuminated. Other sign types include menu boards for restaurants, or non-illuminated logo signs.