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blue sign with "Janitor's Closet" in white text orange, blue, and white lobby identification sign with ISA symbolValley International Preparatory High School, also known as VIP High School, is a high school located in Northridge, California. We worked with Far West Contractors, a construction company, to put up ADA compliant signage for the school. We made many different types of signs including room identification signs, room identification signs with room numbers, classroom number signs with a window for interchangeable information, restroom wall signs, restroom door signs, assistive listening device signs, ISA symbol signs, exit signs, maximum occupancy signs, and “In Case of Fire Use Stairs” signs. All of these different signs are necessary for different locations.

blue room identification sign with room number and clear section for interchangeable informationgray circle with orange triangle inside to signify bathroom on door with an orange sign that reads "Student Restroom" in white next to the door on the wallThe room identification signs are pretty standard, they identify the room that you are about to enter, and ADA compliant room ID signs have raised copy and Braille. The signs we made for VIP High School were blue with white copy. Sometimes, room ID signs need additional information such as a room number or an ISA sign. For these, the signs are also blue, but have an additional section that is orange. These also have raised copy and Braille. The classroom number signs were made a little differently because unlike the office or lobby, the room could be used for another purpose, therefore the sign would need to be updated. In order to avoid having to have the client get a new sign every time the room purpose changes, we create signs that have some permanent information such as the room number, and have a window where you can put in temporary information. The restroom door signs were the same as the other room ID signs, but orange instead of blue. The restroom door signs were gray and/or orange and either circular or triangular depending on which restroom it was for. The exit signs also require raised copy and Braille, and the remainder of the signs that included graphics were made by digitally printing the graphics onto the backer panel. All of the signs were made from wither 1/8″ or 1/6″ compression panel with the exception of the restroom door signs and the assistive listening device signs which were made from non-glare acrylic.