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bronze stair ID sign, bronze gate sign, and red fire exit sign bronze evacuation map signWe worked with one of our longtime customers, Westside Contractors, on a signage project for Reeves Place. Reeves Place is a new apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. Apartment complexes require many different types of signage including Custom tenant signs like doorbell panels and exterior signage for the building. But one type of sign that an apartment cannot function without are ADA signs.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage is required in order to pass fire inspection if you are a new public building or if you are undergoing a renovation. ADA signs have a lot of specifications that are required to be up to code, which is why you want to get a professional sign company to handle the design, manufacturing, and installation.

bronze exit signFDC signThe signs we made for Reeves place include unit number signs, room identification signs, evacuation maps, exit signs, exit route signs, exit stair signs, exterior stairwell identification signs, no entrance signs, floor identification signs, stair identification signs, floor directional signs, maximum occupancy signs, pool signs, restroom signs, ISA signs, no smoking signs, FDC connection signs, FD access signs, prop 65 signs, bang bars, address numbers, and parking signs. It may surprise you to learn how many different types of signs an apartment complex requires because as long as a sign is doing its job, it is not noticeable. Signs that do not make sense or have typos may be pointed out often, but well made signs like ours blend in well with the interior and exterior of the building, and the placement is carefully thought out.

Are you a contractor, construction company, or a property owner looking for ADA signs, give us a call today! Our signs are custom made so we can design signage that goes with your decor and building architecture while making sure that they are up to code.