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Whether your outdoor signs are on the building, on the roof, or on the ground near the sidewalk, it is inevitable that they will endure some weather wear. Arete Associates has an office in Northridge, California that was in need of some signage updates and we were more than happy to help out a business in our neighboring city. We had worked with them previously about a year ago with some interior signs and a parking sign. Now it was time to help them out with some larger outdoor signage.

Monument Signs

Arete has two monument signs on their property that light up at night time. They were in need of new faces so we created a total of four sign faces, one for each side of the two signs. Since these monument signs are internally illuminated, we used white sign material for the base of the faces. The logo and company name were digitally printed onto translucent vinyl so the sign can be read during the day and at night. We just removed the old faces and installed the new ones.

Channel Letters

Along with re-facing their two front-lit channel letter signs, we also converted them to LEDs. LEDs are the best choice for sign illumination because they are the most energy efficient, have the longest lifespan, and are easy to repair if anything happens.

We left the channel letter signs in place and just removed the faces of the letters and the logos. The logo box is made very similarly to a channel letter, it is just not in the shape of a letter. We actually made the logo faces just like the monument sign faces. White sign material with digital prints on translucent vinyl. The sign material we use is a brand called Tuf Glas and we like to use it for your outdoor illuminated signs because it is very strong and does not yellow from exposure to UV rays.

Since the channel letters are meant to be illuminated, we used sign acrylic. To get a specific color, sometimes we digitally print a color onto vinyl and then apply it to acrylic. However, acrylic was available in the color Arete Associates was looking for. So we routed the letters out with our CNC router, attached black trimcaps, and installed each channel letter face to the existing returns. With the new LEDs, this sign looks amazing when illuminated at night time.

If you need servicing on an existing outdoor sign we can make your signage look brand new. Large outdoor signs represent your company and help advertise to new customers so you want to make sure that anyone passing by is impressed with your business’s outdoor aesthetics.