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Commemorative plaques are an elegant way to pay tribute to someone of significance to your company. There are many different kinds of plaques and depending on the look you are going for, we can include a photo or logo, or just have text.

Material options are also a big factor. You want to make sure that the plaque looks nice with the rest of your interior decor and if you already have plaques displayed, you want them to either match or complement the existing wall decorations.

Earlier this year we posted a blog about the Board Room sign we made for Forest Lawn Memorial Park & Mortuaries in honor of Lynn P. Reitnouer. He started by being elected to the Board of Directors of Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Association in 1975 and was eventually elected as Chairman of The Board. Even after retirement, he joined the Forest Lawn Mortuary Board of Directors until 2016. He served Forest Lawn for 41 years so they wanted a very grand indoor sign to commemorate him.

Forest Lawn had an existing plaque to pay tribute to Reitnouer but they wanted us to make a new one with a larger and better quality photo of him. The plaque was to have a large photo and a lot of text so we decided to make one that was 2.5′ tall and 1.5′ wide so the text could be read easily.

We gave a few different sample options to Forest Lawn and they decided to go with 1/2″ thick clear acrylic that was laminated with a brushed aluminum face for the backer. Brushed aluminum is a popular choice in office signs because it has a very polished and professional look. Whether you are using brushed aluminum for a backer on a sign or for dimensional letters, it looks great with most office interiors.

To make sure that the texture of the brushed aluminum could be seen, the text was digitally printed on translucent vinyl. We also laminated it before application to give the plaque an overall glossy look. The photo of Reitnouer was digitally printed onto white vinyl to make sure that the colors in the image were vivid. The digital print of the photo was also laminated.

The plaque looks great in the interior of the office and it is a great way to celebrate the services Lynn P. Reitnouer provided to Forest Lawn.