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Business is going great for Microblading LA. Earlier this year we blogged about an amazing illuminated wall 
sign we made for their location in Woodland Hills. Just a couple months later, they contacted us for another one because they were taking over the suite next door and they wanted a new sign that looked exactly the same as the previous one we’d made and installed. The interior was very similar and once again, they had beautiful stone walls that the sign was to go onto.

For an interior illuminated lobby sign that has individual letters, we usually make reverse- lit channel letters. However, due to the thinness of the strokes of the letters in their logo, we went a different route. Everything was flat-cut from acrylic we backed the letters with white mini LEDs. The letters were spaced off of the wall to give the LEDs room to shine onto the wall. Unlike when we install onto flat drywall, the spacers don’t have a set length. This is because the stone wall is uneven. During installation, each piece of the sign is installed individually and our installers make sure that everything is even and at the same level.

Acrylic is very versatile which is why we use it frequently for our signs. The black letters are just flat-cut from black acrylic, but the gold “LA”s were custom painted after they were routed. As long as we have a PMS color that is usually found in the .ai file for the logo, we can custom paint your sign to make sure that it matches your logo perfectly.

The eyebrow was cut with “LA”, but instead of being painted, it has a brushed aluminum laminate face. The eyebrow is an important part of the logo because it helps convey what the business is about and it was incorporated very cleverly into the company name. To put emphasis on the eyebrow, they wanted to do more than just print the pattern to the face of the cut acrylic. Each eyebrow hair is actually a thin piece of black acrylic that we attached to the face of the aluminum laminated acrylic. You can see how the “hairs” are raised from the close-up side photo.

The logo colors and illumination look great with the interior of the business and we’re glad that this illuminated lobby sign turned out just as beautiful as the first one.