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Interior glass doors are a very popular choice for offices because they look very modern and create an open atmosphere. However, when certain rooms require a little more privacy, many will turn to decorative vinyl to cover all or part of the windows. You can create a design from the vinyl or use cut vinyl to display your logo in a classy way.

Burnett Design Group, an interior designer based in Thousand Oaks, California, was re-doing the interior for Calabasas Dermatology. We were contacted for some interior window graphics so the client could control the privacy level of each room. The designer already had all of the measurements and a design idea so she sent everything over to us. There were a total of 3 doors that were to have vinyl work done on them. Our go-to decorative vinyl is an etched vinyl that gives the glass a frosted look. You can cover a whole window with it, cut it into a logo or pattern, or even print on it.

The initial design was to cover all of the doors and windows in the etched vinyl and print the logo directly onto the vinyl for two of the full-glass doors. Before we start production on any part of a sign project, we always send a proof to the customer so they can approve the design. This is so the customer can make sure that they are 100% happy with how everything is going to look, and it gives the customer an opportunity to see how the design is actually going to look. Once the doctor reviewed the proof and saw a mock-up of how the vinyl would look, he decided that this wasn’t the look he wanted to go for.

The interior designer and the client went back to the design phase to find something that would work better for his vision for the office. Instead of the etched vinyl, they decided to go with a specialty vinyl they found online that had a gradient effect so you could still see through the top of the windows. Since the logos were now going onto clear parts of the window, we digitally printed them onto contour cut clear vinyl.

One challenge we had was the door that led to the rest of the office from the waiting room. The doctor wanted more of the window covered for additional privacy and wanted the pattern moved up. The only issue with that was that the specialty vinyl only came in a specific height. If we were going to move the gradient vinyl up, we would need something to fill the gap at the bottom. Due to the specific look of the vinyl, we couldn’t just put a block of white vinyl as it wouldn’t match. We got a few samples of different vinyl from the same company and decided on the closest one to fill the gap. A small seam was unavoidable, but we were able to provide more privacy on this door for the customer.