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Seven West DTLA Apartments is a new apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles that we have been working on some signs for. Earlier this year, we blogged about some of the interior signs we did for them which included the lighted room ID signs and mailbox tags. They were under construction for a while, and they wanted some signage to advertise that they were finally open for leasing. Since this is a higher end apartment complex, they wanted something nicer than the typical “Now Leasing” signs that you always see in front of apartments.

They had a lot of window space that they decided to use to their advantage by getting full window graphics. The graphics were to span from one entrance to the other, covering 30 windows. They had a lot of space to work with and wanted to make sure that it was used wisely. They decided to alternate between a photo and the apartment’s information and dedicated 3 sets of whole windows to the apartment’s name, something advertising the apartments and the phone number, and the website. Lines like “NOW LEASING” and “HIGH-END APARTMENTS” are eye-catching, and convey what the advertisement is for quickly and easily. The font color contrasts well with the background, and the way it’s centered with the rest of the graphics, it’s very easy to read. Covering up all of the windows with regular vinyl would block out all of the sunlight which is why we use perforated vinyl for full window graphics. From the outside, you can see all of the graphics and information clearly, but from the inside, you can still see outside and get all of the natural sunlight. We also use perforated vinyl for vehicle graphics so the driver can still see through the windows while advertising.

Many apartment complexes are named after the street that it’s on, which makes it very easy to remember and it’s great for advertising. Like any advertisement, the window graphics have contact information so people can get more information. Some may prefer calling and some may prefer looking up a website so having both is the best choice. Seven West DTLA has a great website where you can look up live availability of different apartments, along with the pricing details and floor layout.

The front of the building faces W 7th St., hence the name of the apartments. There are many people who will drive, bike, and walk by these window graphics and the new units are sure to fill up quickly.